Product Launch / Product Marketing


A product launch generates attention for your company. When you issue a press release that gets published, people read about your new product and, at the same time, learn about or get introduced to your company. People often click through to your website when reading the story online to learn more about the product; potential customers might read up on your company, especially if it is relatively unknown. This attention can lead to a larger customer base and more sales for both the new product and other of your company's products. so its a better way to open the product with Product Launch Event planners or with Product Promotion.


  • Product Exclusive Preview

  • Special Events

  • Product Launch

  • Product Promotion

  • Product testing

  • Retailer Activity

  • In-Shop activity

  • In-shop Promotion

  • On road Product testing

  • Social Events

  • In-store promotion

  • Customer review survey

  • School Activity

  • Door to Door Activity

  • BTL Activity